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Our StoryOur main motivation in creating My-Vitamin-Advisor.com, the first free vitamin and nutrient users' generated reviews/ratings platform, came from a very negative personal experience with Allopathic drugs. My wife was using these synthetic drugs regularly - until we discovered natural treatments which ultimately saved her life.

Our goal is not only to promote natural medicine, but to guide people in their selection of vitamins and nutrients, independent from the manufacturers who produce them and the e-commerce sites they advocate.

In 2004, my wife's bones started breaking without reasonable cause. Over the course of 8 years, she broke 24 different bones in total (sacrum, vertebrae, ribs, sternum, etc,...). She had to fight, day after day, with the terrible pain caused by the broken bones, as well as some additional nerve and arthritis pain. The pain was so strong and unmanageable that my wife couldn't do much of anything besides lie in bed (even reading a book or watching TV was challenging for her). At that time, allopathic doctors treated her and their diagnosis was "secondary osteoporosis due to corticoids medication". (She had been taking this corticoid medication for 20 years to treat her severe asthma). We were shocked to find out that the long-term side effect of the corticoids had almost completely destroyed her bone density. Moreover, the allopathic doctors didn't have any proven treatment or remedy for pre-menopausal secondary osteoporosis.

They therefore elected to administer synthetic drugs (Morphine, Valium, Lyrika,...) to minimize the pain, but without solving or curing the malady itself (Bonviva, Forsteo). Her prognosis, therefore, was grim - simply to be confined to a wheelchair and suffer with severe daily pain! During an eight year period, she had entered a terrible downward spiral, dealing with the side effects of these hard-core drugs, such as Morphine for two years, Valium for another two years and other synthetic drugs which caused even worse side effects. Moreover, as stated above, we never received a proper identification and treatment for the origins of her health issues.

We quickly realized that the allopathic doctors were solely focused on managing symptoms, rather than adopting a treatment plan which would target the origins of her condition. The cold turkey withdrawal symptoms of Morphine and Valium that she experienced were intolerable, to say the least, until these drugs were finally eliminated altogether. (On a professional note, my wife even had to liquidate her own company with 65 people on board, as she was not able to handle it due to her debilitating and ever-worsening health condition.)

In 2010, we met Fabrice Leu, a naturopath based in Switzerland, who has completely changed our lives and has opened us up to a natural way to retrieve and maintain good health. He prescribed a specific vitamin and nutrient protocol for my wife to help her regain bone density, stop the occurrence of frequent fractures, and greatly reduce her ongoing pain.

After only 8 months of this natural treatment, combined with a healthy diet and a daily 45-minute walking regimen, the results were astonishing:

  • The osteodensitometry exam showed a very clear improvement in her bone density, and,
  • The bone fractures have completely ceased.

Today my wife has regained 20% on average in bone density almost everywhere on her body and her pain has lessened dramatically. This enables her, at the age of 47, to finally enjoy a normal life.

The results had been so phenomenal that we decided to apply this natural medicine protocol to some health concerns that I was facing back in 2010. The first one was glaucoma and the second one was a torn meniscus on my right knee. According to allopathic doctors, urgent chirurgical operations were needed for both of these issues. Fabrice Leu, on the other hand, prescribed me a specific vitamin and nutrient protocol to treat both conditions and quite rapidly I began to see astounding results: after only one year, the same allopathic doctors were no longer pushing their agenda for chirurgical operations for either of these problems.

Since then, we have been staying healthy thanks to various vitamins and nutrients and the sound advice of Fabrice Leu.

Today, as we see the business of vitamins and nutrients skyrocket with new producers from all parts of the globe (who are sometimes much more focused on selling rather than on the quality of the manufactured products), we decided to develop a user-friendly, content generated platform called My-Vitamin-Advisor.com. This platform is a non-profit independent vitamin and nutrient review/rating system conducted by the users themselves. We strongly believe it can help people to take more individual responsibility for their health as they can rely on "interest free" user ratings/reviews to select the right vitamins and nutrients for their respective pathologies.

Our hope is that we will succeed in empowering the layperson, thereby giving him or her control and leverage to make his or her own natural health choices:

  • To choose natural treatment over allopathic whenever possible;
  • To select the right natural products for their health according to concrete and high volume user reviews;
  • To maintain pressure on the vitamin and nutrient producers in order for them to re-direct their focus on the quality, efficacy and innovation of their products, the competitive pricing of their products, the efficiency of their product distribution and the quality of their manufacturing.

In this way, all the suffering that we endured can be utilized and channeled in a positive way in order to benefit others!

France & Patrick

Treatments taken for the last 5 years:

> for my wife's Osteoporosis (together with an healthy diet, no smoke, no alcohol and walking everyday):

> for my Glaucoma:

> for my torn right meniscus (together with corrective orthopedic sole to solve the source of the problem):

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